How To Remove phpmyadmin from Google Compute Engine Instance

Here is the command your looking for. I just did this to secure my Google Compute Engine Instance:

sudo apt-get purge phpmyadmin

You can choose the options to remove the phpmyadmin databases from mysql as well, which is what I did just now from my wordpress instance.

This is helpful after you get your site migrated and no longer need phpmyadmin installed.

Hackers go elsewhere. 🙂

Fix Surface Pro 3 Keyboard Won’t Work – Resolved

I had this issue twice now on the same surface.

The issue is the keyboard and the trackpad will not work, all troubleshooting was done including replacing the keyboard with the Surface Pro 4 keyboard and still no luck.

The Fix:

Just shut down the Surface Pro/2/3 normally using the power button. Then, when it’s off, press the power button and the volume up buttons at the same time, for at least 15 seconds. You may see the screen or the lighting on Type Cover flicker, but keep holding the buttons.

Release the buttons, and let the machine sit for at least 12 seconds. Then, turn it back on normally.

Your system might enter the system bios, just use the keyboard to exit.  After booting into Windows your keyboard should work fine again.