Resolved – Fix – Virtual Disk Not On Preferred Path – DELL / VMWARE

Virtual Disk Not On Preferred Path

Here is how to fix this issue.

You can redistribute the Virtual Disks while the MD is in production.

The alert on the system is due to a virtual disk not being on the preferred path. When virtual disks are created, they are assigned to one of the two controllers as a preferred communication path. If that path is not available – due to a network issue, controller reset, etc. – the array will communicate via the alternate controller. In some cases the communication does not shift back to the primary path when it becomes available again. To correct this you just need to manually redistribute the virtual disks back to their preferred paths. This usually occurs in vmware environments.

To redistribute virtual disks:

1. Open Modular Disk Storage Manager (MDSM)

2. Click on the Support tab

3. Select Manage Raid Controller Modules

4. Click on Redistribute Virtual Disks

• You will get an alert telling you that this will disrupt communications if you do not have the multipath drivers installed. You can ignore this message and proceed. If you still have access to the virtual disk that is not on preferred path, you have multipath drivers installed

I have tested this procedure several times and have had no issues.

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