Please do not use these web hosting companies! DME Hosting, HOSTV – Horrible experiences

HOSTV- Their server crashed and they deleted my vps.

DME hosting – Their server crashed and they deleted my vps.

More information on my horrible experience with DME hosting … I am still fighting to them on a weekly basis they will not allow me to cancel my account and to stop charging my credit card company.    They keep telling me they can’t find my account and don’t know how to look it up.

Here is some of DME responses:

1. You lost all my data.
“–Backups are your responsibility, we do not make backups for you unless you paid for them. In that case, you are fully responsible for any data obviously.”

2. Your service was out for days I need a refund I don’t want to use your service.
“–This was because out of good faith we tried to get data off the other servers, however that DC was extremely hard to work with. We weren’t obligated to retrieve data, but we tried anyways.”

3. I want all my money back, this is a scam. I can’t even get into my account.  I have supplied my account information and all the details of my account with you below.
“–We receive thousands of payments, what makes you think we know which is yours? Did you pay via paypal, credit card, google checkout, alertpay, etc…”

I see they operate off a PO box somewhere is Arizona.  I am filing a complaint with the attorney generals office and contacting a lawyer.

4 thoughts on “Please do not use these web hosting companies! DME Hosting, HOSTV – Horrible experiences”

  1. I decided to call my credit card company they issued me a credit right away and issues a fraud alert for their company. They closed the case and credit was permanent. If this happens to you , call your credit card company and let them know they will refund. Enough alerts against these companies and they will get blacklisted from some of the merchant accounts.

  2. we purchesed a server from this company and they charged us 2 times, then had the nerve to ask for proof the xard was in our name. They asked for photo copies front and back of the card and even on our drivers license………… and i was born last night right

  3. they charged me 2 times as well, even after saying they needed a copy of my credit card front and back along with a copy of my drivers license> that was the red flag. i immediately called my bank. DME said they had NOT charged my card where my bank indeed shows them to have charged my card 2 times refunded it 1 time and again charged again 2 more times. I have given all email corrispondences to my bank and they are handeling everything for me. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. they try and skirt around the we did not charge by first charging you 2 times and then if you do not submit the correct ticket number of the 2 charges they go through with the charge. so in total i have been charged 4 times for a service that i have never even used. NOTHING WAS even loaded on the server. They are NOT in arizona there is NOONE at teh office in which there is a phone number. Email states no one needs to be in the office because everything is done online.

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