Fixed and Solved – Excel 2013 Slow When Copy and Pasting From Cells

I dug for for a solution for this so I thought I would post my findings.

My systems were a huge delay when using copy and pasting in Excel 2013.  My sheet wasn’t even complex.

Here are the things that I have found help.

  1.  File/Options/Advanced/Disable “Automatically Flash Fill” and Disable Enable Auto complete.
  2.  File/Options/Advanced/Display Disable hardware graphics acceleration
  3.  Press Windows Key and U for Ease of Access Center.
  4. Go to “Use computer without a display”
  5. check the box “Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible)”


That should help speed things up in Excel 2013 for you.



How to copy / upload / read / ebooks or pdf files on your amazon kindle touch – Solved

The Kindle currently supports PDF files inherently, you can just copy them into /documents folder. Plug the kindle into a available usb port in your computer and then copy the file over to the folder /documents. Make sure it shows that its in USB storage mode on the kindle.