Installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS – Dell Latitude D610

1. I am installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release right now on a used old Dell Latitude D610 that I got 2nd hand its been collecting dust, I figured might as well try out this new release that everyone is talking about. So far so good… I put a used drive in the laptop and it had an old install of xp on it, so I did a custom partion setup deleted all, created swap of 4gb, and the rest of the drive mount point \ for the OS. It detected network no problem because it asked me if I wanted to download updates while it installed… (how cool is that.) I wish windows did that… it would really save some time installing sp’s post install. Okay I am going through this from a user’s perspective bare with me.

I will write more later…

2. Ok I am back install is done, no prompts since last time except for a you must restart. I pressed restart and system seemed to freeze… didn’t say whether or not I should take out the cd or not… confused. I am hard resetting… I have a black screen.

3. Slow than Windows 7 on this laptop so far. Somethings very wrong… this is way to slow.

4. Checking for updates… I tried to install vlc player… and it kept asking for a password. The only one I gave it so far didn’t work. (nice!) failure. To install or remove software, you need to authenticate… no password works.. Ok my fault cap locks was on somehow, by default?

5. Tried to update from shell, did a SU root password doesn’t work. What password could this be?

6. I was able to install VLC player from their market place.. after having to put a password in again. This time without the CAPS lock on. Success!

7. I performed all os updates and did another reboot, still slow.

8. Installing Chrome browser. I had to pick which OS, it had the right one by default. 32 bit .deb. I went to the dashboard and was able to search for chrome and drag it to the launcher, logged into chrome and my extensions syched and I had my bookmarks. Nice!

9. I went through all the options in the control panel, I changed the background to a simplier non-high res photo system response seems better now. No other tweaks I could fine.

10. Installed filezilla, I really do like the software center.

11. Looking through the software available – the application ubuntu software center had closed unexpectedly…. what? Sure I will report it to ubuntu to help prevent in the future.

12. Installed Vagalume, client. Great I am streaming music… nice interface! Music is nice and clear, no issues.

13. Installing drop box. I really hope microsoft comes up with a linux client for sky drive soon. I got this message, drop box is running from unsupported location.. what?

14. I was sent to the drop box site to download it again… confused. Lets try from command line, I did the two command lines and up and running. They should fix it so it works with the ubuntu software installer. failure for ubuntu for not testing this I think. I have dropbox syncing , I adjusted the download bandwidth settings since its now trying to download over 2gb I limited it to 50kb/s.

15. Taking a break, streaming music with Vagalume and letting my dropbox synch changing synch upload/download to 100kb/s. Drop box closed when I closed the shell window… had to restart dropbox from dashboard.