Fixed – Tsp1.dll was not found. ChangeTPMAuth.exe – Unable to Locate the Componet

I came accross this one today.

Here is how to fix.

1. Click ok.
2. Find the ‘TSP1-wave.dll’ file found in the ‘C:\Program Files\Wave Systems Corp\Common\NTRU12’ folder
3. Copy and then rename to ‘Tsp.dll’ and then move it to ‘C:\WINDOWS\system32’.
4. Reboot and the error should not appear anymore.

Problem – Dell Studio XPS Laptop 1645

First problem report on the Dell Studio XPS Laptop 1645.  The battery latch is defective.  The first time I took the battery out, I could not put it back in snug.  It will not latch all the way.  I opened a online support chat with Dell and they are sending out a tech to replace the latch assembly.  I think this might be a known issue.