Solved – Change SMTP Server On ShoreTel Voicemail

I installed a new Exchange 2010 Server into our network and decommissioned the old Exchange server, the new server had a different IP address.

The SMTP service in IIS needs to be configured with correct IP. This has only become an issue due to the Exchange Server changing its IP and the SMTP Service being configured initially with the old IP.

To Fix:

Admin Tools>>>(IIS) 6.0 Manager.

• Drill down and right-click the SMTP Virtual Server (e.g. [SMTP Virtual Server #1]) and select properties.
• Click on the Delivery tab and then the Advanced button.
• Change the Smart Host details to correct IP.

All the emails in the queue will now be automatically delivered.

Fix – How to boot from a USB drive on vmware workstation

If you want to use vmware workstation and boot to a usb drive, you will notice there isn’t any option to do this.

I do this to test booting off usb drives for later use on physical machines.

Here is a workaround:


Download Plop Boot Manager from Plop – Boot Manager. Navigate to Downloads –

Boot Manager downloads -> click on Plop Boot Manager to download. At this time, the latest version is 5.0.14 (stable) .

Once the download is finished, extract the downloaded file. You see the image file, plpbt.iso, which will be used in next few steps. This is the image file that will allow us to boot from USB Falsh Drive.

Next, edit your virtual machine’s settings on VMWare Workstation. Add an USB Controller if it doesn’t have one and ensure that the checkbox Automatically connect new USB devices is checked.

Attach the Plop boot manager image (plpbt.iso) as CD image.

Attach your USB device and power on your virtual machine, you will see Plop boot manager screen.