Solid State Drive Upgrade – HP – dv6-1245dx

I had a client that had this HP laptop – dv6-1245dx, and her drive went bad.

I purchased this solid state drive and its working great. I even upgraded her to windows 8, boot up time is lightning fast!

It works great.

The chipset on this laptop supports SATA II only.

SATA 2 – 3Gb/s

Solid State Drive Upgrade – Dell Latitude E5220m – Best For Lowest Cost

Here is a very nice upgrade for your Dell Latitude 5220m. If your like me you have one of these that you work on daily, I got this drive and put Windows 8 on it and it works great.

I got it for under 80.00 from amazon and (See above). The E5220m doesn’t support anything higher than SATA II so your wasting your money on getting a SATA III drive with this laptop.

For your reference the chipset supports – SATA Version — SATA 2 – 3Gb/s ONLY. That is why this drive is ideal.