Fix – Windows 7 Search / Index – Broken – Resolved

Here is how I fixed the windows 7 search when it was broke on a users machine last night. The user complained that nothing was showing up in his search results.

1. Check the following services and ensure that they are all started automatically.

Cryptographic Services
Windows Search Service

2. Rebuild the Index.

1) Open the Control Panel.
2) In the Instant Search box, type Index.
3) Click on Indexing Options.
4) Click on Run as Administrator and allow the privileges.
5) Click on Advanced, then Rebuild.

3. Uninstall and reinstall Windows Search Feature.

1) Click Start and type: features in the Start Search box.
2) Click on “Turn Windows Features on or off” and open it.
3) Uncheck the box in front of Windows Search.
4) Restart the machine.
5) Delete the folder: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search.
6) Then repeat step 1) and 2).
7) Re-check the box in front of Windows Search.
8) Restart the machine again.

Now see if the index works correctly.

If the issue persists, please continue the step.

3. Modify the following registry and change the value data.

1) Press Win + R keys to open a run box.
2) Type: regedit and press Enter.
3) Navigate to the following path:


4) Change the value to 0.
5) Restart the machine.

How To Submit Your Site To Yandex – Russian Search Engine

Here is how to submit to Yandex.

1. Go to

2. Submit your URL in that section, and enter the captcha code in the next box and then submit.

3. You will need to verify your site, I find the easy is the .txt file method , simply create a text file with the name they give you and upload it to the root of your site.

4. Click verify.

I use Google Chrome since it has built in translation from russian to english, makes using their site a whole lot easier.